Riverside Dining


Eating out is never a chore for me, quite the contrary, and probably goes some way to explain the expanding waistline!. Anyways, there’s this nice steak house right by the river that I enjoy… A lot.. whilst taking pics I found myself there,”Oooh is that, that steak place? says I”, and it bloody well was too.How did that happen i wonder? I think we all know the self interest here. So I took this series of pics, and a few others, Got a seat right by the river, Good Food, company, and beer. Surprisingly it wasn’t windy or cold…RESULT!  post produced this bunny from it


City of London School , Victoria Embankment



The city of London School.  The desire of one man to help the many children of London have a better life. John Carpenters dying wish of 1442 is still bestowing the dream of education to others. He left the land to others to carry out the wish of helping. Another influential man of the time Jon Dron brought the dream to life!

I’ve lost count of the times i have passed this building an not given it a look. A few nights back, armed with a camera and a good attitude I passed the school to take some pics of the southbank opposite. Whilst walking back to Blackfriars Bridge I stopped, and looked at this wonderfully lit building, I had no tripod with me, I had already taken a few duff blurry pics photos so didn’t expect good exposures. What I did get really came out well, this pic  is HDR, which means 5 pics of differing exposures laid over each other. The difficulty is taking the shot from exactly the same point! Somehow I did!

Loved it and came away really happy. When processed with photomatix and I looked at the shot, I wasreally pleased. Right up until someone pointed out the back of the road sign (middle right).. Deep intake of breath David… Bugger!

Anyway i still like it, and I don’t see the road sign.

Don’t take it the wrong way


Hehe, this is the wrong side of the river for me, its north of the river, or as they say in game of thrones, its north , and winters coming. Well winters gone but, oh my god was it windy and not very bloody warm! I mean, come on its nearly may! Anyway unusually, I was dressed fashionably in just a shirt, and jacket., Yes, I was wearing trousers. the point is I wasn’t layered up! So the pics were taken damn fast.

From the perspective of the distant (top) pic what you can’t see to the left of the wheel is the houses of parliament, Our politicians talk important nonsense, but represent the will of their paymasters (running for government isn’t cheap) position wise, it’s this side of the bridge in front of the wheel.

Right hand side of the pic is the shard, it’s a truly beautiful building that you can see from where I live. I remember being there watching when they were doing the early part of the build. Second pic is the wheel and Westminster bridge, this is a hdr pic and I took 5 layers. due to the strong wind and an extended tripods i got two blurry shots, which I haven’t used. The tree on the left was being blown lots as you can see. Anyway, sing out if you like any?

Millenium Wheel up close

Millenium Wheel up close

29er cycles, or big wheel bikes, My conclusions on a debate!


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Like me, you may have wondered about the abilities of a big wheel bike on the trails?  I’ve looked at the magazines foretelling the end of the 26 inch mtb, I’ve actually heard riders say that they can’t believe the … Continue reading

Turner 5 spot

One of my rides

One of my rides

One  of my rides. Being brutally honest here, its more bike than i now need.. haven’t done the alps for years but find myself looking for better riding terrain, and will carry on when Redecorating, and work takes less time. That rides really nice, by far my best..so far!