Taking To The Road, Passing The Test.

DSCF3661Taking to The Road, Passing the test.

Starting out driving can be a daunting task, being free to use the roads in your own personal space is quite an experience. Thing is, how do you make it an enriching one? Beware, everyone makes bad decisions in all aspects of life, it’s very easy to do.

Getting it right can be done on a budget, but sometimes you don’t actually save money! Let me give you an example? Buying a cheap car with high mileage means you can be driving for not much money initially, but what happens when the clutch goes? or, the gear box, or even the engine? Do you have the knowledge to check it? Does it have a history? All of these things can be paid for over the price of the car, but if you spend more on the car, chances are you will have a warranty, and the car will have been already checked over by a reputable dealer. There are also rights of recovery, with which you can do battle in the event of it being incorrectly sold.

Driving lessons are another source of stress. Some people take their time learning, they require time for what they have just done to sink in. Having an intensive course over one week means that you won’t really get the chance to take in what you have learned, its worth a look, but if you need that time, you may find that the one week intensive course isn’t for you.

Having a parent,or, sibling take you out for some miles, may also be a good idea, getting learner insurance can be difficult, depending on the car, we have short term insurance that can be arranged on someone else’s car for 1 Month, 2 Month’s, 3 Month’s Short term cover. It’s a really good way of getting extra miles, in conjunction with your driving school’s instruction. Don’t replace good instruction with mileage, in an ideal world this shouldn’t happen, and you would have both, to bolster your learner driver experience.

I wouldn’t advise doing an annual insurance whilst you still have a provisional license. The main reason is cost, with insurance costing several thousand pounds now for an under 21 year old driver. The cost for keeping that car outside your door is prohibitive for the part time driving you will be doing in it. Money is far better spent with a driving instructor who will help you past your test faster with better instruction. Do also consider a pass plus. The Pass Plus isn’t a test, its purely an enhanced experience getting you used to motorway driving, parking, controlling more effectively in most situations. It also will have night time driving included, which is also very useful as you probably wont get much time to drive at night during lessons unless its winter. Motorway driving isn’t done during driving lesson’s so, to be able to get experience of driving on a motorway, can give you a lot of confidence this is all part of the pass plus scheme!

Contact us on http://learnerinsurance.co.uk/ for short term, or, long term insurance.


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