Commercial Insurance Sales Leads


Having problems driving your insurance business forward? How do you get those new clients in? Believe me I know how hard it is. A decade back I was in the same situation, I had in place some great agencies which I would be able to place commercial risks with a great return. Problem was I hadn’t many ways of getting this business in, sure, at the time yellow pages was still out. But generally the ways of marketing had changed. The internet had finally come of age!

What’s involved then? Well, suffice to say I had to learn everything from scratch; the first port of call was getting a website. Let me tell you a few things here. A website can look stunning visually, but, like my one, the search engines weren’t seeing it. The reasons for it were many, but the upshot was, I was waiting for enquiries to land in my inbox by the dozens, which wasn’t happening.  Six months down the line its still hadn’t generated a lead. The first lesson learned was that, few people know about how to generate these enquiries. I started to learn about techniques that would increase my websites visibilities to the internet, the problem was, a lot of this stuff took a lot of time to do, which to be effective, which meant devoting time away from the business.

A few years on and D P Media marketing  ( has developed ways of doing the marketing for the insurance broking market, we can supply leads this type of business, we have client’s that depend on us to source these leads specifically for them. What makes us different is that we understand that if a lead is given to a dozen sources the majority will be unhappy, even if they are paying pennies for the leads, they will not see a return.

We want you to succeed with the leads, so that you keep coming back to DP Media ( because you can succeed with a higher conversion rate than with your existing lead sourcing.  Our charges are not exclusive either, although our services are! We are limited in the amount of slots that we have available due to the 3x sales limit, as we increase our marketing we can make more slots available. There are no contracts either, the way we do business means that if it doesn’t work for you, it won’t work for us, we have no need to tie you in, quite simply because there’s nothing to hide.

Contact us at, or myself, we can help you grow!


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