Safer Roads for our kids!

IMAG0775Yep, time for direct action I thought, take daughter to school, as I do every day.And every day I have to fight my way across the road to the school entrance. So you ask, what makes it’s a dangerous place? It’s the parents cars using the road! The real problem is the “parents” who can’t be bothered to park responsibly. The sad fact seems to be, that some don’t seem to be aware that the zig zag, and double yellow lines, are there for the children’s safety. Not a reserved place for the terminally lazy.

Having looked on the net to see what could be done, I came across a government initiative called Roadsafe; See opening paragraph in page here.

Great news I thought, I had already contacted the local authority about this very issue, and they haven’t even looked at the email.  (Good God I’m starting to sound like Mr Angry) So I thought that by reporting the roads concerned that, someone (in authority) could send one of those CCTV Smart Car vehicles, and, sit it outside the school for a few mornings to convince the dummies that want to use the zig zags, and double yellows, that there is cost involved that isn’t going to include a child’s life! Woo… For once, after I pressed “send” I thought I’d done good. So what’s happened since? Well, I feel the need to blow my own trumpet and let everyone know, that despite being told and forwarding pictures to road safe….. Nothing has happened…..Tumbleweed… Yep nothing.

What can be done to correct this obvious, and uncaring attitude? I think the only thing to do when nothing happens, is be a pain to the person that’s too busy. C’mon, if I can be bothered, and I’m not being paid to do it, surely someone who is being paid, can. If it’s a case of not having the resource, why then spend money advertising road safety!

Roadsafe, if you reading this please do something about the school’s road safety, I, and several parents have had to pull children from the path of illegally parked cars, pulling away from the school gates.  As “parents” (A parent (from Latinparēns = parent) is a caretaker of the offspring in their own species.) we should have the safety of all children at the forefront of our minds.. Consideration can go a long way.


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