City Swing. Steve Hall, & Kate Lovegrove, at the Loft , London Bridge.

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City Swing, Steve Hall & Kate Lovegrove, at the Loft, London Bridge.

West Coast swing is a partner dance originated from Lindy hop, and other swing style dances, from there, many others have added to it, Today’s dance has that lovely elastic, compression, look about it which marks it out . West coast swing can be danced to a lot of different, contemporary music genres, like, pop, Hip hop, Rnb, blues, and many others.

Take a look at the video for City Swing, The two teachers, Steve Hall & Kate Lovegrove are very enthusiastic about spreading the word!  If you want to learn how ? contact them at City Swing Classes’  are at London Bridge to find out more! It really is a great way to spend and evening.


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