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Takeaway stall

Running an Indian takeaway is a fulltime occupation as well you know. Problems and issues that take you away from the business are a real drag, and obviously can  affect what you earn, Running a successful business requires you seeing opportunity , and being on guard against risk.

Insurancetraders have brought together a panel of insurance partners who are specialists in the field of catering, because of the volume of business that they place with the underwriters; they have negotiated better rates and cover for you.

Indian Takeaway insurance cover:

  • Products Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Stock Insurance
  • Frozen Food Insurance
  •  Buildings Insurance
  • Business Contents Insurance
  • Business Machinery Insurance
  • Fixtures Fittings Insurance
  • Money Insurance Cover
  • Glass / Shop Front Insurance Cover
  • Seasonal Stock Increase Cover
  • Goods In Transit Insurance Cover
  • Accidental Damage Insurance Cover
  • Loss of License
  • Personal Assault and Accident Cover
  • Public and Employer Liability for delivery drivers

Cover for all of your stock and refrigerated items, contents, fixtures, and fittings, can all be covered, Glass cover and shop front are also covered, depending on values for the for the sums insured they may be security issues for things like alcohol, or tobacco an alarm  may be required.

If you have a deep fat frying range (as opposed to a basket, or deep fat fryer) you need to let the insurers know, as this will affect the cover. It’s important to read the policy details to make sure you are aware of the extent of cover together with any important terms and conditions.  Underwriters conduct insurance on the basis of utmost good faith, this requires you to be aware that any material facts that are not disclosed at the proposal stage could invalidate your indian takeaway insurance cover and leave you unprotected.



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