Electricians 3 Phase Public Liability Cover Insurancetraders

3 phase Electricians

Electric lights at the Southbank,

Electricians 3 Phase Public Liability Cover  Insurancetraders


Getting public liability cover for Electricians 3 Phase work can be a chore, not all insurers understand it, so as a result they pass it by, not offering cover. You know that your work is far more specialised. Having undergone training with balance phase motors you know that if you don’t get it right it won’t work, that means you have to know what you are doing. The same applies to your insurance.

Since a lot of your work may be sub contract, you may well be asked for more than the £1,000,000 amount which seems to the minimum these days. The following limits of indemnity are also available



£10,000,000 Sometime’s, but not normally requested.

Some of these limits are acceptable to most contractors you may work for, but certain institutions may request the higher limits. Also available for a short time or, on a certain contract is an excess layer. This is a facility for short periods of time, or increase of limit.

Tools cover is also available for you the limits start from about £1000 and go upwards from there, tools are normally covered on site, and also whilst  being transported to site, some companies will cover tools left overnight , but it’s usually only if kept in a locked building! Due to the amount of vans being broken into for tools, it’s been a case of security is the first thing to make sure it’s as difficult as possible to steal.

Employers liability cover is also a must if you employ anyone, normally if it’s just clerical work the charge is minimal, however anyone on site is considered a much higher risk , and with the majority of the market staying away from 3 phase electrical contractors, it’s a case of being a bit more expensive.  Employer’s liability in the last two decades has seen a huge change in the amount of claims being registered. No win, no fee claims companies are very prominent in their marketing towards any potential new clients, and as such you need to treat any and every incident with the utmost care.

Being risk aware in any situation is a very good practice to get in to; risk assessment in the work place is obviously a must. Bad light, water, cramped conditions, can all add to a potential claim, if it can be avoided by good management of the situation that can only be a good thing.


For More details of public liability insurance for Electricians: contact http://insurancetraders.co.uk/electrical-contractors-insurance/


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