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This is my recollection of driving from a while back. I was always interested in cars even before I could drive I was able to set  points on a distributer, gap plugs, change oil, I was a whizz with a multi meter and, generally knew how to fault find.

When it came to driving unlike a few people I knew, I only ventured out with a qualified instructor I worked hard in my Saturday job to earn money to learn to drive, I was looking to full time employment, and knew the next step to adulthood meant a car!

Dave was my driving instructor, he used to work with my dad as an electrician, but also as an instructor, even today I can’t imagine having the nerves, or patience to do it. But not once did I see him anything but laid back. The car was a Datsun 120y coupe; it was a really smooth drive it was in a light greeny  blue colour. Light clutch, light steering, and a really good car to learn to drive in.

Back in the eighties there wasn’t as much traffic around, I remember that traffic lights were the reason you stopped, now it’s because there’s a traffic jam before the lights, which you still have to stop at!

Techniques I don’t think have changed much, I was taught to make sure if I turn right to go as far as I can, so people can filter through.  Judging by the bad road positioning, this one seems to have been lost. I also remember on the cold days the amount of people coming out with jump leads to start cars. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore, if I hear anyone say “they don’t’ make em like they used to “I always agree, cars are simply much better now.  One aspect I do find strange due to better performance from cold is the amount of people who pull away from the kerb looking through a space about the size of a letter box. Years ago when you started a car, it took a while to warm up before you could pull away, generally your screen heat would have cleared the windscreen first, as you had such a long time to wait.

I think motoring in the winter is still a mystery to a few, the first few snowflakes have a way of sorting out the ill prepared, making a journey in snow require anticipation. If you have to stop you may well find you can’t start. I’m still surprised with the amount of “tailgating” that occurs in weather you have difficulty standing up in.

Insurance is expensive for learners these days!  Is another quote I hear? My first insurance was two and a half months money, yes, petrol was cheap then. But I had a car, and no money to go anywhere, I bet that hasn’t changed with learners. However if you want to drive for a month on mum, or dads, car learnerinsurance.co.uk can help

Contact on: www.Learnerinsurance.co.uk Contact us for great learner driver rates!


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