History Behold! there be Vikings

DSCF4619boost closeup

This part of the river has some of London’s oldest riverside history. From the seventh century a lot of boat building went on here.

The Romans had left London in a steady state of decline from 200 ad. They walled the city ( what we now class as the city of London) to make it easier to defend. Up, and down the river from the walled city, trade took place. London’s position on the river made this easy, river traders, and merchants, who used the river for commerce were very common. From the 9th century Vikings had made their way up the river.

The Vikings were a seaworthy, and very hardy people,They like a fight, and some of their trading principles would have been hard on the local population. They had a habit of raiding coastal villages, killing, then plundering the village. The livestock, including women, and children would be kept on boat, (men were generally killed, they being too much effort to enslave). Trading items such as furs, and livestock might even be traded just a few miles down river. Human cargo was generally taken back to the homeland for a life of servitude.


Not far from where this picture was taken, was where some of the best boat builders settled. behind me is Greenwich, (2nd picture) and its rich maritime history, you can still see some of the old docks there. It was only in the 1600s that a lot of the naval ship building was done in Chatham, Portsmouth, Plymouth etc. All in all, another great area steeped in tradition, and probably blood. To be fair, conflict always seems to make history!

let me know if any of this makes sense, or is of interest. I had a great time getting the facts, and pics.


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