Richmond park


This park is one of my favourite places in London to go. Mostly, I tend to ride it on my bike, the combination of undulating terrain, smooth roads, and 20 mph speed limit for cars make it a safe, and bike friendly training route. There are herds of deer to take a look at, the car parking is really good, ( please bear in mind that I go there early in the morn, or during weekdays, I have no idea what it would be like on a sunny, mid day sat afternoon, nor do I want to find out!) This is a royal park, what does that mean? Well for starters, there’s always police there, (Keeps out the riff raff! Oh hang on, that’s me! Well , most of the riff raff then) The park is immaculate, well kept, and devoid of litter! Apparently there’s a clearance on a high point, and if you look back you can see Buckingham palace, and forward, its Windsor castle. Wonder who’s entertainment that’s for?

All in its a great place to be on a sunny day, I’ve been there on a really windy, wet day, on a bike. It was cold, and miserable riding back, but somehow I remember it with fondness.Must be the Royal influence! Any way this pic was taken on one of the internal roads, facing the big hill, that I can just about struggle up in the big ring.. Non cycling fans, that means I’ve made things hard for myself, and am probably damaging my knees! Will write a bit about my work, and photography bike, for anyone interested in a way to get to work that exercises you, keeps you out of public transport, and if you have to carry a fair bit makes it an easy choice ( Its a kalkhoff e-bike ) to re-place a car on short journeys. Good for beginners, and experienced cyclists, who would haul heavy gear, but makes the road bike really hard work! Laptop, camera gear,two changes of clothes, spares,tools, are all carried on this..not on my back!




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