Hungerford and Jubilee bridge



When I was growing up I used to skateboard a fair bit. Coming from south london, a lot of skaters found themselves congregating at the Southbanks festival hall. The banked car park underneath it became a draw for us all.It was always the place to be, a few of us would meet there every saturday to go on to some other far flung skate park, Guildford, Gillingham, Old kent road, walthamstow. Trips that were all planned from this place! back in the seventies the authorities didn’t like us using the area. It was dangerous to the public apparently!

40 years on its still used by skaters, and bmx’ers and inline skaters, funnily enough groups that didn’t get on at all well in my time.The authorities have embraced the culture that started there. The bridge pictured above, was one of the many that allowed people to get together from both sides of the river. Its brick, stone, and steel, yet represents the joining of minds, ideas and many happy memories from growing up.


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