Greenwich Naval College buildings


Greenwich Naval College buildings

Wow, did the rain come down, probably the start of the hurricane front. Was windy, was wet, even started to get a bit cold. This picture was taken form the main road. I wanted to take it from just inside the gate, however it was locked with chain, and sturdy padlock.


Ah the bells Esmerelda, well no, they’re railings you fool!.. ah damn, yes, I might not have pulled the trigger on this pic.

Hmm How to get the picture? common sense told me, that if I got the tripod close to the railings then the railings would be in the picture. Only one thing to do! Reaching into the bag for the angle grinder, only to hear a faint voice, telling me in dulcet tones “oh why do you have to be so bloody dramatic? Just stand the camera on the low centre bit there.” Finger was pointed thus..Ah, say I. That’s just what they would expect me to do!….So…I did. doesn’t pay to argue with voices. That what the doctors said!

Anyway the voice was right I reckon, didn’t take too long to capture, and i didn’t get too soaked. Love the reflection in the pavement, Looks like it’s on fire, the buildings in the back of the picture are on the limit of the lens. I seem to be taking a lot of shots beyond the range of the lens, but I like the field of view with the shorter lens, does anyone have any ideas to fix this?


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