Imperial War Museum


Battle of Britain Spitfire ( Main Hall )

Managed to get out to the Imperial war museum last week , Its recently been updated. For those who are not aware, the museum has many exhibits from around the world. predominantly, its really first world war onwards. Growing up as as child from Stockwell     (very local) I can remember coming here and seeing exhibits form the Boer war, and items from the Napoleonic era.


German Flying Bomb

The first thing  that strikes you when you visit the site, are the two 15 inch naval guns on concrete platform outside! The size of the guns is huge, each is over 54 feet in length, and one hundred tons in weight.( Wouldn’t want to have to move them often, I would hope!)

As you walk in you are greeted with a great many battlefield vehicles form all eras, I managed to take a few picture of the items of most interest. The spitfire above took part in the Battle of Britain, and remains a favourite amongst many Brits, along with the Hurricane it flew alongside. Reminds me of a time as a child with carefree days, even swapping collectors cards with Jimmy Mulholland for a piece from a crashed “Spitfire”! Turns out it was a crashed Triumph Spitfire, Not really the same mate!


Hawker Harrier, Another Great British invention.

Personally I enjoy learning about history, I think its important to realise that the sacrifice of others, has given us today the freedoms that we take for granted.The Museum is a good reminder of that, and also, a reminder that its the common man who inevitably has to sacrifice when his “superiors” can’t settle a dispute. Governments come and go, land is traded over time, and nobody owns any part of earth, in reality it owns us. Eventually we  all return when we pass away.

Wars, and conflict are set to go on, hopefully one day everyone will voice displeasure and we shall become an enlightened race (not too soon probably, but I’m known for my optimism) .Take a look a the museum if you have the chance, its well worth the trip to
Lambeth Road London SE1 6HZ



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