Its Magic



Hello, thought I would throw this one in, I’ve been playing with enhancing my pics now. Some pics are better than others! Some I’ve gone “Hmmm, wish that wasn’t so bright, so yellow, so badly bloody photographed. So I though I would see what I could do to Improve it?

There’s a few programs out their specifically, but I though i would take a look at the basic one MS Paint!..Yep i think everyone has it on a pc.Take a look at St Pauls dome. The pic was a bit overcooked (exposed), so i drew in some of the pillars, and the roof ribs. If you blow the pics up you can see?

Take a look at pics below, the boat and the shadow around it have been changed in the second pic. Wacom pad and pen will be ordered very soon! I like this kind of art





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