Cruise Night Amercana Harley Davidsons and a 55 Chevy



Its been a while,  But I managed to get to the Chelsea Cruise night at the end of September.  I used to go to this when I was a lot younger and really into cars. I still like them, but have a bit of a conflict with myself about them. There always seemed to be a sense of freedom back then. It seems to have changed! And yes, I’ve got older, and wisely deluded! The amount of cars /Bikes  attending seems to be less, but the quality seems to be very good. The Harley Davidson is an example of what the magpie in me loves..its shiny! Loved the spokes, loved the old look about it, was absolutely taken by the whole thing. I must say the street lights gave everything a yellow tinge which was a bore, But i think the pics are still worth putting up.

The owner Steve, sent on some detail about the Cycle which are below. Thanks, I appreciate the trouble

The bike is a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2013.

List of added parts are

21” Fat daddy 52 spoke front wheel

16” Fat daddy 52 spoke rear wheel

Harley Lay back Licence plate

Chrome Passing lamp bezels

Chrome headlight bezel

Chrome indicator bezels

Rear guard leather bib



Next Harley up was custom frame I believe it had air suspension.. the blue was again hidden by the light.



And last up The 1955 Chevy, This one had a small (it’s still over 5.5 litres capacity) block V8 Engine, with a supercharger! the paint is a candy apple plum colour.. did look very nice


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