Framed by Tower Bridge


Took a walk to St Katherine’s dock a few nights back, had the opportunity to check out the night-time illuminations around my favourite parts of London. I’m amazed that the quality of light is better, or worse, due to atmospheric conditions. Did you know how much moisture and atmosphere you look through can act like a lens? distorting, magnifying what you see. I’m  learning more about this, and viewing London from a high point can be totally dependent on these conditions being good.

This series of pics were taken late one night. I was stuffed silly with food and drink. I came back to the south side of the river where my chariot was parked ( yes, it is that old but i like it). Pictures looked good on small camera screen, so time to leave! Was a great evening out, i like to have those.

Discovered a few days later my hard drive stopped working, pics gone! some saved to cloud but most gone. I’m upset that many memories may be gone forever,ill see if i can get a data recovery plan together and fix it. I think though, that I may have to make lots of new memories, no harm in that. not such a great day though.


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