London Bike show 2016 Excell

London Bike show 2016

One of my favourite times of the year came around again…Ohhh the bike show!! Have I let the cat out of the bag that I like bikes? Well ok then.

The usual trip up to the financial center of London always requires, lots of train changes. I love a train trip, but because i don’t commute at all any more its a novelty! The faces on the train are invariably a few smiles, mixed with those entranced in the latest celeb gossip, music, and games as life passes right by.

Once through the doors, the first thing I see is my brother. Tried to duck past , but his eyes are too damn good.  A coffee later and all the fine points of the show have been relayed to me in great detail, and I now know what i should be looking at.. Well mostly. I took the Sony DSC RX10 Bridge. Its light  and very capable in pretty much all its does. And out shines the Dslrs in many practicable ways. Its now my first choice camera for jaunts, holidays, and light trips out.

Enigma Exemplar

Enigma Exemplar

Enigma Exemplar candy paint

Enigma Exemplar candy paint

Enigma Exemplar

Enigma Exemplar

Literally the first bike seen at the show, This has to be the best paint job in the show! The Enigma Exemplar, words cannot describe how stunning this looked. I had a long chat with the guys at the stand. This titanium piece of art , with full Campagnolo Super Record ( Not Electronic) and Enve wheel package, was simply sublime  At £11,000 it should be too,  If you have any soul at all, and the kind of money required with no need to sell it to “update” to the latest gimmick in a year. This one is for you, and as unique as you.


As you can see with the pics i tend to be drawn to the individual expression that can be seen in the show. Simply put i don’t enjoy the Matt Blacks, Greys, and “Stealth” finishes that have prevailed of late. No. If you ride it, it should express who you are, and who wants to be a wall flower? Not me!


Specialized had some lovely personal paint jobs at their stand. this one was  v nice.



And who doesn't love an $$ Works

And who doesn’t love an $$ Works

Take a look at the frame, yes disc brakes are here, they’re not going away!  Unlike di2, eps etc, these really do make a difference to the capability of a bike. They as yet haven’t added to snob appeal, but they will.


Security were a bit harsh with ticket touts

The free ride shows and demos were great, i didn’t spend too much time there, but i saw much free spirited talent.


This unique bike could only belong to Peter Sagan

Peter Sagans S worksPeter Sagans S works

Love the hollowgraphic flake in this paint job… hmmm i have a frame that needs some inspiration perhaps ill get it ready for paint! Nice to see lots more E Bikes there too.  If you commute  a fair bit of distance one of these could be just right for you.. Keeps legs in trim, but wont leave you tired during the week.



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