No, its not as bad as it looks!



This is Whitstable, well, a bit of the beach actually! never been here before, and , it’s not that far from me either. It’s a fishing community that has history dating back to Roman times, and really well-known for its oysters. I took a fair few pictures, especially pre sunset.Unfortunately due to a corrupt SD card only about a dozen remain, this being one of them. In the distance you can see the Isle of Sheppey, and beyond that its Southend, and Shoeburyness ( another place I haven’t been yet)


Thank for the support here, I love the fact that i can share this with you all,please follow if you would like to see more, I have some spectacular locations to go to. Special mention to Sawa, thank you!

Battersea embankment

Well at least it wasn’t cold! didn’t even wear a coat! Well, normally I feel the cold more than most, but on this eve, it really was mild. Without even a wind to shiver me timbers (nautical that be) this pics was several long exposures.All the tracks i the sky are aircraft ( nothing i could do about em as i watched them gallop across the sky) except for bottom track,just above the buildings. Didn’t see it at all as i was taking pic, but its frikkin huge!