Riverside Dining


Eating out is never a chore for me, quite the contrary, and probably goes some way to explain the expanding waistline!. Anyways, there’s this nice steak house right by the river that I enjoy… A lot.. whilst taking pics I found myself there,”Oooh is that, that steak place? says I”, and it bloody well was too.How did that happen i wonder? I think we all know the self interest here. So I took this series of pics, and a few others, Got a seat right by the river, Good Food, company, and beer. Surprisingly it wasn’t windy or cold…RESULT!  post produced this bunny from it



City of London School , Victoria Embankment



The city of London School.  The desire of one man to help the many children of London have a better life. John Carpenters dying wish of 1442 is still bestowing the dream of education to others. He left the land to others to carry out the wish of helping. Another influential man of the time Jon Dron brought the dream to life!

I’ve lost count of the times i have passed this building an not given it a look. A few nights back, armed with a camera and a good attitude I passed the school to take some pics of the southbank opposite. Whilst walking back to Blackfriars Bridge I stopped, and looked at this wonderfully lit building, I had no tripod with me, I had already taken a few duff blurry pics photos so didn’t expect good exposures. What I did get really came out well, this pic  is HDR, which means 5 pics of differing exposures laid over each other. The difficulty is taking the shot from exactly the same point! Somehow I did!

Loved it and came away really happy. When processed with photomatix and I looked at the shot, I wasreally pleased. Right up until someone pointed out the back of the road sign (middle right).. Deep intake of breath David… Bugger!

Anyway i still like it, and I don’t see the road sign.

Don’t take it the wrong way


Hehe, this is the wrong side of the river for me, its north of the river, or as they say in game of thrones, its north , and winters coming. Well winters gone but, oh my god was it windy and not very bloody warm! I mean, come on its nearly may! Anyway unusually, I was dressed fashionably in just a shirt, and jacket., Yes, I was wearing trousers. the point is I wasn’t layered up! So the pics were taken damn fast.

From the perspective of the distant (top) pic what you can’t see to the left of the wheel is the houses of parliament, Our politicians talk important nonsense, but represent the will of their paymasters (running for government isn’t cheap) position wise, it’s this side of the bridge in front of the wheel.

Right hand side of the pic is the shard, it’s a truly beautiful building that you can see from where I live. I remember being there watching when they were doing the early part of the build. Second pic is the wheel and Westminster bridge, this is a hdr pic and I took 5 layers. due to the strong wind and an extended tripods i got two blurry shots, which I haven’t used. The tree on the left was being blown lots as you can see. Anyway, sing out if you like any?

Millenium Wheel up close

Millenium Wheel up close

29er cycles, or big wheel bikes, My conclusions on a debate!


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Like me, you may have wondered about the abilities of a big wheel bike on the trails?  I’ve looked at the magazines foretelling the end of the 26 inch mtb, I’ve actually heard riders say that they can’t believe the … Continue reading

Framed by Tower Bridge


Took a walk to St Katherine’s dock a few nights back, had the opportunity to check out the night-time illuminations around my favourite parts of London. I’m amazed that the quality of light is better, or worse, due to atmospheric conditions. Did you know how much moisture and atmosphere you look through can act like a lens? distorting, magnifying what you see. I’m  learning more about this, and viewing London from a high point can be totally dependent on these conditions being good.

This series of pics were taken late one night. I was stuffed silly with food and drink. I came back to the south side of the river where my chariot was parked ( yes, it is that old but i like it). Pictures looked good on small camera screen, so time to leave! Was a great evening out, i like to have those.

Discovered a few days later my hard drive stopped working, pics gone! some saved to cloud but most gone. I’m upset that many memories may be gone forever,ill see if i can get a data recovery plan together and fix it. I think though, that I may have to make lots of new memories, no harm in that. not such a great day though.

Cruise Night Amercana Harley Davidsons and a 55 Chevy



Its been a while,  But I managed to get to the Chelsea Cruise night at the end of September.  I used to go to this when I was a lot younger and really into cars. I still like them, but have a bit of a conflict with myself about them. There always seemed to be a sense of freedom back then. It seems to have changed! And yes, I’ve got older, and wisely deluded! The amount of cars /Bikes  attending seems to be less, but the quality seems to be very good. The Harley Davidson is an example of what the magpie in me loves..its shiny! Loved the spokes, loved the old look about it, was absolutely taken by the whole thing. I must say the street lights gave everything a yellow tinge which was a bore, But i think the pics are still worth putting up.

The owner Steve, sent on some detail about the Cycle which are below. Thanks, I appreciate the trouble

The bike is a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2013.

List of added parts are

21” Fat daddy 52 spoke front wheel

16” Fat daddy 52 spoke rear wheel

Harley Lay back Licence plate

Chrome Passing lamp bezels

Chrome headlight bezel

Chrome indicator bezels

Rear guard leather bib



Next Harley up was custom frame I believe it had air suspension.. the blue was again hidden by the light.



And last up The 1955 Chevy, This one had a small (it’s still over 5.5 litres capacity) block V8 Engine, with a supercharger! the paint is a candy apple plum colour.. did look very nice

No, its not as bad as it looks!



This is Whitstable, well, a bit of the beach actually! never been here before, and , it’s not that far from me either. It’s a fishing community that has history dating back to Roman times, and really well-known for its oysters. I took a fair few pictures, especially pre sunset.Unfortunately due to a corrupt SD card only about a dozen remain, this being one of them. In the distance you can see the Isle of Sheppey, and beyond that its Southend, and Shoeburyness ( another place I haven’t been yet)