Framed by Tower Bridge


Took a walk to St Katherine’s dock a few nights back, had the opportunity to check out the night-time illuminations around my favourite parts of London. I’m amazed that the quality of light is better, or worse, due to atmospheric conditions. Did you know how much moisture and atmosphere you look through can act like a lens? distorting, magnifying what you see. I’m  learning more about this, and viewing London from a high point can be totally dependent on these conditions being good.

This series of pics were taken late one night. I was stuffed silly with food and drink. I came back to the south side of the river where my chariot was parked ( yes, it is that old but i like it). Pictures looked good on small camera screen, so time to leave! Was a great evening out, i like to have those.

Discovered a few days later my hard drive stopped working, pics gone! some saved to cloud but most gone. I’m upset that many memories may be gone forever,ill see if i can get a data recovery plan together and fix it. I think though, that I may have to make lots of new memories, no harm in that. not such a great day though.


Cruise Night Amercana Harley Davidsons and a 55 Chevy



Its been a while,  But I managed to get to the Chelsea Cruise night at the end of September.  I used to go to this when I was a lot younger and really into cars. I still like them, but have a bit of a conflict with myself about them. There always seemed to be a sense of freedom back then. It seems to have changed! And yes, I’ve got older, and wisely deluded! The amount of cars /Bikes  attending seems to be less, but the quality seems to be very good. The Harley Davidson is an example of what the magpie in me loves..its shiny! Loved the spokes, loved the old look about it, was absolutely taken by the whole thing. I must say the street lights gave everything a yellow tinge which was a bore, But i think the pics are still worth putting up.

The owner Steve, sent on some detail about the Cycle which are below. Thanks, I appreciate the trouble

The bike is a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2013.

List of added parts are

21” Fat daddy 52 spoke front wheel

16” Fat daddy 52 spoke rear wheel

Harley Lay back Licence plate

Chrome Passing lamp bezels

Chrome headlight bezel

Chrome indicator bezels

Rear guard leather bib



Next Harley up was custom frame I believe it had air suspension.. the blue was again hidden by the light.



And last up The 1955 Chevy, This one had a small (it’s still over 5.5 litres capacity) block V8 Engine, with a supercharger! the paint is a candy apple plum colour.. did look very nice

No, its not as bad as it looks!



This is Whitstable, well, a bit of the beach actually! never been here before, and , it’s not that far from me either. It’s a fishing community that has history dating back to Roman times, and really well-known for its oysters. I took a fair few pictures, especially pre sunset.Unfortunately due to a corrupt SD card only about a dozen remain, this being one of them. In the distance you can see the Isle of Sheppey, and beyond that its Southend, and Shoeburyness ( another place I haven’t been yet)

Its Magic



Hello, thought I would throw this one in, I’ve been playing with enhancing my pics now. Some pics are better than others! Some I’ve gone “Hmmm, wish that wasn’t so bright, so yellow, so badly bloody photographed. So I though I would see what I could do to Improve it?

There’s a few programs out their specifically, but I though i would take a look at the basic one MS Paint!..Yep i think everyone has it on a pc.Take a look at St Pauls dome. The pic was a bit overcooked (exposed), so i drew in some of the pillars, and the roof ribs. If you blow the pics up you can see?

Take a look at pics below, the boat and the shadow around it have been changed in the second pic. Wacom pad and pen will be ordered very soon! I like this kind of art




HDR Duck!


No I shan’t look your way, you make me sick you pappers

Here we go, thought I would never work with animals , and children. but the lure of having this fella right next to me was too much! Yes its hdr, (but this time it was taken on my trusty old Fuji bridge camera, not the Pentax ) yes, he stood still for a few shots ( you have no idea how many he didn’t stand still for) when he  ( I’m assuming here) did, the shots came out great. It was dark, and getting a bit blowy. this pic was taken from my pub dinner table! talk about being bloody productive eh?  Any way take a look, and let me know what you think?


You Looking at me?

Greenwich Naval College buildings


Greenwich Naval College buildings

Wow, did the rain come down, probably the start of the hurricane front. Was windy, was wet, even started to get a bit cold. This picture was taken form the main road. I wanted to take it from just inside the gate, however it was locked with chain, and sturdy padlock.


Ah the bells Esmerelda, well no, they’re railings you fool!.. ah damn, yes, I might not have pulled the trigger on this pic.

Hmm How to get the picture? common sense told me, that if I got the tripod close to the railings then the railings would be in the picture. Only one thing to do! Reaching into the bag for the angle grinder, only to hear a faint voice, telling me in dulcet tones “oh why do you have to be so bloody dramatic? Just stand the camera on the low centre bit there.” Finger was pointed thus..Ah, say I. That’s just what they would expect me to do!….So…I did. doesn’t pay to argue with voices. That what the doctors said!

Anyway the voice was right I reckon, didn’t take too long to capture, and i didn’t get too soaked. Love the reflection in the pavement, Looks like it’s on fire, the buildings in the back of the picture are on the limit of the lens. I seem to be taking a lot of shots beyond the range of the lens, but I like the field of view with the shorter lens, does anyone have any ideas to fix this?

Imperial War Museum


Battle of Britain Spitfire ( Main Hall )

Managed to get out to the Imperial war museum last week , Its recently been updated. For those who are not aware, the museum has many exhibits from around the world. predominantly, its really first world war onwards. Growing up as as child from Stockwell     (very local) I can remember coming here and seeing exhibits form the Boer war, and items from the Napoleonic era.


German Flying Bomb

The first thing  that strikes you when you visit the site, are the two 15 inch naval guns on concrete platform outside! The size of the guns is huge, each is over 54 feet in length, and one hundred tons in weight.( Wouldn’t want to have to move them often, I would hope!)

As you walk in you are greeted with a great many battlefield vehicles form all eras, I managed to take a few picture of the items of most interest. The spitfire above took part in the Battle of Britain, and remains a favourite amongst many Brits, along with the Hurricane it flew alongside. Reminds me of a time as a child with carefree days, even swapping collectors cards with Jimmy Mulholland for a piece from a crashed “Spitfire”! Turns out it was a crashed Triumph Spitfire, Not really the same mate!


Hawker Harrier, Another Great British invention.

Personally I enjoy learning about history, I think its important to realise that the sacrifice of others, has given us today the freedoms that we take for granted.The Museum is a good reminder of that, and also, a reminder that its the common man who inevitably has to sacrifice when his “superiors” can’t settle a dispute. Governments come and go, land is traded over time, and nobody owns any part of earth, in reality it owns us. Eventually we  all return when we pass away.

Wars, and conflict are set to go on, hopefully one day everyone will voice displeasure and we shall become an enlightened race (not too soon probably, but I’m known for my optimism) .Take a look a the museum if you have the chance, its well worth the trip to
Lambeth Road London SE1 6HZ