Don’t take it the wrong way


Hehe, this is the wrong side of the river for me, its north of the river, or as they say in game of thrones, its north , and winters coming. Well winters gone but, oh my god was it windy and not very bloody warm! I mean, come on its nearly may! Anyway unusually, I was dressed fashionably in just a shirt, and jacket., Yes, I was wearing trousers. the point is I wasn’t layered up! So the pics were taken damn fast.

From the perspective of the distant (top) pic what you can’t see to the left of the wheel is the houses of parliament, Our politicians talk important nonsense, but represent the will of their paymasters (running for government isn’t cheap) position wise, it’s this side of the bridge in front of the wheel.

Right hand side of the pic is the shard, it’s a truly beautiful building that you can see from where I live. I remember being there watching when they were doing the early part of the build. Second pic is the wheel and Westminster bridge, this is a hdr pic and I took 5 layers. due to the strong wind and an extended tripods i got two blurry shots, which I haven’t used. The tree on the left was being blown lots as you can see. Anyway, sing out if you like any?

Millenium Wheel up close

Millenium Wheel up close


Vauxhall Embankment

Vauxhall Riverside

Said i would return and did! The evening was beautiful, if a bit wind., But hey, that’s the riverside for you! I waited for a bit, to catch what was going to happen in the twilight. And disappointment only occurred in my choice of jacket, wasn’t warm enough, or apparently trendy enough for the wannabees occupying the bars nearby. anyway after about forty minutes the light was such that could start taking pics. I was taking exposures for HDR (high dynamic range) pics, which I seem to be understanding a bit more about what’s required in the single frames before merging.You can see the millennium wheel towards the centre in beautiful blue, don’t know why, but i always have loved nice blues.

Yesterday, lost in London

Back of oxo tower


Lovely weather, good to be out! decided to go black and white today. Sat on ground to get this shot,  its a bit brighter in colour, but more dramatic in black and white.

taken from shell piazzaWhilst taking this Millenium Wheel shot, I was asked by a Shell security guard to move on as I was private property and I wasn’t allowed to take pictures from this open piazza. Never mind that there’s hundreds of tourists enjoying the same priviledge. Not having their private property fenced off i thought was an act of stupidity, and told him so..I also carried on taking my pics,as he summoned the “whirlwind” that was his supervisor.. by the time he arrived, suitably puffed, I had what I wanted, and was off..No effort expended even getting mad. As punch would say, ” That’s the way to do it”

DSCF4677hdr orton